About Me

Hiding behind the camera

Photography for me is a passion.

I am Karen and am based in Surrey in England and I just LOVE to take pictures, capturing my family to document our lives together has been a passion of mine since my two children were born. Up until 2009 I just snapped shots, now I feel I am a photographer and enjoy the art of creating a photo. I love to look back and use my photography and digital scrapbooking as memories.

I carry a camera around with me everywhere, if it is not my Canon 7D, it is my Canon 400D, a little Canon Ixus or my trusty iphone! I do not want to miss any of my families special moments.I love capturing them going about their normal lives, exploring, reading, playing, cooking, eating……….I think you get the idea, you name it I shoot it. I plan to one day soon set up a small home studio to play with studio lighting as at the moment this is foreign to me, so I want to learn more.

Although lifestyle and child photography is a passion, I love the macro world and can often be seen outside in search of bugs or shooting flowers up close for artwork. I also love landscapes, but at present my family takes priority so do not get out to shoot these too much.

I work as a Financial Director for a small group of family businesses, but would LOVE to do more with my photography one day (I can dream). At the moment I have a few stock photos available for sale through Getty and I do a few “natural light” shoots for family and close friends (basically anyone I know who asks).

For me the fact that I have a hobby that I love means that I’m not as stressed as I was before I found photography. I have a very stressful occupation and now I have found something just for me. I find that having this as a creative outlet helps me relax and feel happier and I gain a real sense of achievement when I learn something new or finally achieve a technique or idea I have been practicing.  As mentioned above, I particularly find taking macros relaxing as I need to slow down and really focus when taking these. It’s the one time I’m not rushing around. A calm me makes me a much better mum, wife and friend, so it is a WIN WIN situation.

Now for the boring bit…………

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