Three sides

I am still working my way (slowly I might add!) through the exercises in the book Picture Perfect Practice by  Roberto Valenzuela. A few Wednesdays ago now I posted my Square shots, then rectangles and finally circles respectively, this week it is triangles. I had fun here, especially as my daughter and I managed to have some fun quality time together, she is such fun to be with, I sure hope it continues this way as she reaches the teenage years!

I so need to up the pace working through this book now, as I have just been asked to shoot a small wedding!!!!

Up high!




Glass Tops

All lit up

Route to the top

Upside down



It is the Easter holidays at the moment so what with me working and the children at home I am  very busy so I apologise if I have not visited your blogs yet or replied to comments made on my last few posts………I will catch up at the weekend when I have a bit more “me” time.

LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE – enjoying and recording the everyday moments of life.


One thought on “Three sides

  1. Excellent series, Karen. Love them all.
    Good luck on the upcoming wedding shoot!. I am shooting my first 2 weddings next month too! Isn’t it exciting?

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