Egg-tastic Easter wishes

Well Day 10 of Beyond Beyond or 2B came and went and I am so pleased to be up to date .Kim gave us another beautiful texture to play with and the chance to edit one of her photos, but I chose to use the technique she shared with us on a photo I took last year. I am beaming as I am learning so much and LOVING it 🙂 I played quite a lot with the text selection tool on other images I have taken, but when it came to this one I struggled BIG time not only trying to select where I wanted to try, but also where to place the text. I decided just to edit as I would normally for this one, but watch this space as I can see this text tool being very useful 🙂

Happy Easter one and all 🙂

LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE – enjoying and recording the everyday moments of life.


10 thoughts on “Egg-tastic Easter wishes

  1. Lovely work on the eggs in a cup Karen! I adore this photo…I used another for the lesson, but think I will add it to my blog post with all the credits and info, for Easter post.

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