Another two bite the dust!

Work has been a little too busy for me getting ready for the management meeting this morning, I ended up working late last night to get everything ready 😦 so could not finish this post until now, 5 minutes before I go in! I loved doing these weeks spread as the memories once again flood back.

Week 9 – a busy few days

Week 9 – spring is springing

Week 9 for us was so busy, I could quite easily have made a six page spread with the number of shots I had taken!  Week 10 was much the same, my son had both Beavers and Cubs this week as he went to his final Beavers meet to receive his Chief Scout Bronze Award which is the highest award that a Beaver can achieve, I was SO PROUD of him, he walked out of the meeting and on his own decided to go up t each of the leaders to say goodbye and to thank them for making his time there so much fun (I felt like crying with pride at how grown up that was!!!).

Week 10 – The proud mummy moment

I have started doing the first year of my daughters life now (Project Life style of course). I wish now that I had learnt to shoot manually with my camera before she was born, as I know from the shots I take now of newborns how much better I have got. I guess I need to be thankful though that at least I have LOTS of photos and bits that I collected to pull my memories into a scrapbook. I now have quite a lot of editing to do though to see if I can improve the shots I did take. I will share a few spreads as I go along. I though am having a fantastic time going through everything now, I so love taking a walk down memory lane.

LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE – enjoying and recording the everyday moments of life.


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