{Texture Tuesday} – the Flower Power eDition

Day 9 of 2B (Beyond Beyond) saw us looking at fonts and different ways of including it using Elements. It was a real insight, having only recently upgraded to version 11 from 8, there is so many changes and so much to learn. I had quite a play with different types of text layers (on a shape, in a shape, typing on a path – the possibilities are endless (big grin)). I cannot believe it is Tuesday again already though, which means it is time for me to join in with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday again. This week the theme is “Flower Power” and Kim just gave the following brief………”Your photo must contain at least one layer of any of my textures, and it must have a little ‘flower power’……  No need for more information… take it away friends….”. I so love flowers so this one made me happy as soon as I saw it last week. We have had flurries of snow over the last few days, not enough to settle, but enough for it to still be cold. Spring sure seems to be late this year, I cannot wait for the weather to warm up a little and the garden to come alive with colour again. Our crocuses came up briefly so I thought this would be the perfect shot for me to use today for this “flower power edition”.

For the love of Spring

In Lightroom I first of all cropped the image then adjusted the white balance, increased the clarity and vibrance slightly and then played a little with the HSL adjustment panel mainly with the orange, yellow and magenta, luminance and saturation. Next the image was transfered to Elements where I added two textures kk_daisy, soft light @ 60%, then kk_isobel, soft light @ 15% ( I so love the Downton Abbey collections). I then added a slight lens flare but reduced the opacity considerably. Finally I added the text which I learnt how to do after watching Kim’s fantastic videos from day 9 of Beyond Beyond 🙂


Let me know what you think, improved or not?

Here a a couple of other photos where I played with the type tools 🙂

All a splash with coffee

Pajama day

LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE – enjoying and recording the everyday moments of life.


24 thoughts on “{Texture Tuesday} – the Flower Power eDition

  1. These are wonderful, Karen! The crocuses are lovely. Spring is definitely late here too. I can’t wait! Love your photos with the text movements, very neat and playful.

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