Two days in one

Slight change in what I had planned to post as I have a sore throat and cold, so feel a little rough, as I had this post written already I thought I would post this one today and my Project Life ones will now be on Wednesday and Thursday.

I had a lot of fun with day 7 of Beyond Beyond, the e-class by Kim Klassen, Kim gave a a few tips and tricks for using Lightroom (LR), I actually discoverd more about LR than I thought I would, I have only been using it for a couple of years and now realise that I have not even touched the surface of what it can do (I really should play with it more).

I also saw a few things I liked in Kim’s version of LR, I think I may splash out and upgrade to version 4 sooner rather than later.  This week Kim gave us a photo she took of the well photographed chairs at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, we were told to do what we wanted to processing-wise. I could play all day in Lightroom, the more I learn the more I LOVE it. I decided to desaturate the colours slightly and give it a “grungy feel”


Two’s company

Kim’s before shot

The following week and Day 8’s email came into my inbox, I so look forward to each week and seeing what Kim is going to share with us and the challenges given.

This week Kim gave us more than one challenge, the first one Kim said:

“Take your favourite quote….and turn it into chalkboard art. You can use the technique outlined in the tutorial or simply use a chalk hand font of your choice. Texture in the background or no texture….totally up to you. Imagine the possiblities.”

So many quotes, fonts, designs and edits that can be done, this was fun and has given me an idea for another photo which I am sure I will share soon 🙂


The second challenge from Kim was all about layouts. I had the perfect shots to try this out with. My daughter came home from school on Friday and decided she wanted to do some water colour painting. She asked if I could suggest something she could paint, I said that she should try something from the fruit bowl or one of the flowers on our kitchen table, as you can see she opted for the apple!

Water colour fun

The final challenge Kim posed for us was to create a “matte-photo finish”.


I cannot believe how much I learned in these two days postings, I am so glad that I signed up for Beyond Beyond,  I LOVE learning. I think this is why I enjoy photography and editing them so much as the possibilities are endless 🙂

LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE – enjoying and recording the everyday moments of life.


2 thoughts on “Two days in one

  1. So much to learn isn’t there Karen? That is what I love about the Beyond Beyond class also. Each week is packed full of tips and I honestly think I could spent a month on each one. Great work on your photos! I especially love the last one in matte finish – such a sweet look!

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