Light from above

Day 5  of Kim Klassen’s year long class was all about finding the light, as my preference is for natural light photography I am all about finding available light. Just yesterday I was also viewing a friends stream on Flickr and she was doing a similar process. She had been going around each room in her house finding available light at different times of day. For me the obvious choice for morning light is always in my front room as the light shines in adding warmth to the room, during the afternoon this room is then shaded so the light is a lot flatter. The afternoon though sees me head towards the back of our house in search of good light. When light is poor I always go to our conservatory as with all the windows I am surrounded by it, in bright light though the shadows can be tricky to deal with, but I now use various techniques to minimise them or eliminate them. Like Kim we are quite lucky in that we do have a house with good light and up until it was all freshly plastered we had white walls, now though we have a lot of pinkish tinted walls! It will be white or close to it again soon, but it may take a little while (after all we have EVERY room to decorate!).

Kim’s challenge for this day was “I know not everyone has the luxury of a light-filled home. I encourage you to explore your home for the right light. Move about your space… take some photos by each of the windows… do this a few times throughout the day…. This simple exercise may uncover the perfect space to set up a temporary space. Leave no corner unturned. If you are lacking window space, open the front door and let the light in. You may not have a studio space…. but a small table in front of a window. a rustic board on your bed, a small table in the shower even. You just never know! Sometimes we have to improvise… Try bouncing the light with foamcore boards or Styrofoam…. filter the light with a sheer curtain or shower curtain liner. This can do wonders. If you have the luxury of painting a room…consider a nice light shade, rather than a darker shade…. Soft white walls make everything prettier.” Well this is what I came up with…….


The above shot was taken in our front room with the light shining in through the window, this was shot before we had a fully functioning kitchen and table after we moved back home, hence he was eating breakfast watching football on TV 😮

Counting the pennies

Not a great quality iphone shot, but I quite liked the atmosphere in this. It was taken in my sons bedroom at about 6am, he had the lights off and as you can see the light is just starting to shine through his blinds. Yes he is an early riser, I was just surprised when I woke up to find him quietly checking how much pocket money he had saved up.


This one was taken mid afternoon in our playroom, the catchlights are from the television, she was watching a documentary about penguins, her favourite 🙂

I think I may take a leaf out of my friends book so to speak and try this exercise again, taking it in turns to go into each room and find the available light…………… has anyone got tips on avoiding the clutter and not so perfect decore at the moment?

The one thing that really struck a chord with me in Kim’s post for day 5 was when she said “It’s so easy to get caught up in the competitive side of things. Especially today… we have instant access to everyone’s art. It can so easily turn into a race…wanting to be the first, the best, the fastest….before we know it…it becomes more about the race than our art.”  I know that I for one am very guilty of this, up until fairly recently too, well I say that, but it was last year now! I felt as though I had stopped doing this for the LOVE of it but started creating for others, I become quite disillusioned and to be honest fed up, I then discovered Project Life and started taking more day to day shots and my love of photography came back, I also found that creatively I felt more inspired. I now create for myself and not others and feel so much better for it. I have also started this blog mainly for myself and my family, I felt pressured with the ones I have started before and soon lost interest in posting. I feel that this time I have the balance right and I am actually enjoying writing again and putting pen to paper( so to speak!).

Now moving on, day 6 of Beyond Beyond and Kim  gave us the challenge to set up or find a “from above” scene to shoot. I do quite a few shots from above, so this was not something new to be as I just love experimenting with different perspectives. I decided to take a photo of some tulips that my husband bought for me 🙂 I then decided to try two different edits with it. The first edit I followed Kim’s video and used the Downtown Sybil texture, I liked what it did and found it especially useful giving me another arsenal to how I editing.


After this I decided to start again and try something else, I used my own preset in Lightroom and lightened the image up, adding more light than I had in the original image. I then transferred to Elements and decided to add a little lens flare to give the feeling that it was shot in a lot brighter conditions.

Tulip flare

I would LOVE to know what you think, which one works best for you or do neither?

Just in case you are interested, Days one to four can be found HERE, I have decided to combine my blogs for now to make it easier for me 😮

LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE – enjoying and recording the everyday moments of life.


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