{Texture Tuesday} – the Wise Words eDition

I thought I should spark my creativity and join in with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday again, it has been a while! Today’s theme is centered around the the theme of “Wise Words”. The image below started off looking quite dull as it has been raining here all day, the light was poor and I was so dissatisfied with it that I nearly deleted it.


One of the joys of processing an image in Photoshop though is the ability to work with layers and textures. It is incredible what you can can come up with when you mix an image with a texture and how you can totally change the feel of it.

In Lightroom I adjusted the white balance a little and added some fill light before sharpening the image slightly then transferred to Elements. In Elements I made the following Layer adjustments.

kk_isobel, soft light @100%

kk_plastersquared, soft light @20%

kk_violet, soft light @ 20%

Text Pea Tammi in bold, the text colour was set from the wooden house itself.

LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE – enjoying and recording the everyday moments of life.


22 thoughts on “{Texture Tuesday} – the Wise Words eDition

  1. What a lovely little bird house – glad you did not delete it! Great result and I like that CS Lewis quote too, I had not heard it before. Must check out Macro Mondays……My favourite kind of photography.

    • Very true Stephanie, I do try to get a photo correct in camera, but it does seem that most photos can be rescued with a little creativity in Photoshop 🙂

  2. Your photo is so well done, I’m happy you didn’t delete it. To me PSE and LR are magic…I love what can be done on a photo using them Love this so much!

    • Thank you Beverly, I have so much to catch up and learn with on Beyond II and Beyond Beyond. I though Texture Tuesdays a good place to start again 🙂

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