A day at Hogwarts

Hogwarts Great Hall Clock

The second page of my week one spread for Project Life 2013 is Harry Potter related as we spent a wonderful family day at the Studio Tour of the Making of Harry Potter in London. The audio tour was fantastic too, as the added information on this and the included videos was just fantastic., what a great use of a ipod 🙂

Leavesden Studios is where all the eight films were shot. This was where all the magic was made! There is everything here from the sets to the props to the knowledge of how it was all made. It is quite a magical experience and if you are a Harry Potter fan like my kids, it is well worth a visit.  It was quite something after reading then seeing all the films to actually walk around the sets. Diagon Alley was just wonderful with so much to see. The Huge model of the castle is breath-taking especially with the lights on it adding to the effect. My kids LOVED the car and broom riding experience and yes we were one of the gullible fans that bought the photos, which is not something we usually do at all.

You can purchase all sorts of Harry Potter goodies at the store by the entrance, I think my kids would have spent a fortune if I did not put a limit on it, I had cries of oh I so NEED that, oh wow that would look so good on me to I MUST try one of those sweets as they are supposed to be the BEST. Don’t be surprised by the prices though, I nearly fell through the floor when I saw the price tags on Dumbledore robes!

Well I took about 300 photos that day, below are just a few of them 🙂

The chess pieces at the entrance

Azkaban numbers

Riding like Harry

My two were so pleased to be able to sit on the actual bike and side car and even sit in the Weasley’s blue car.

Wizarding book pile

The props were just fantastic, the details were so amazing to see.

The Butter Bear experience

My two were so excited to be able to try butter beer, but once tried they were not overly impressed, E said it was a bit like a coke float, which she did not like when she tried it a while ago at a party, I asked if she wanted a second one to which she replied “Of course not Mummy it is yucky, but thank you for buying me one, I am glad I have tried it”.

A death eaters mask

They made sure that like a person no two masks are the same. The eye is in the detail here, each one is so intricate and bearing in mind who they were for I found them quite beautiful (odd as that may sound!).

Taking a stroll down Diagon Alley, with of course Ollivander’s in the background.

Dumbledore’s desk

Gryffindor common room

Hagrid’s Humble abode

Main Hall Statue

Hogwarts Castle

Here is the original 50-foot-wide model of Hogwarts. It is a masterpiece, it was meticulously made with traditional building techniques. You can view it in all different angles, and the light changes depending on where you are in the room as you walk around it, I was surprised at the sheer scale of it and the details.

The Monster book of Monsters!

Potions and spell books


In search of number 4!

A skull or two

The cupboard under the stairs

The fat lady

Wand boxes at Olivander’s

Christmas in the Great Hall

We were lucky enough to go when the sets were all still set up for Christmas, the Great Hall was filled with Christmas decorations and food, it looked wonderful.

Yule Ball drinks

Finally as mentioned yesterday this is the second page of my week 1 Project Life spread, for me being a working mum with a hectic life Project Life is perfect it allows me to document our lives without cutting into our family time, which to us is so precious. Project Life is without a doubt one of the BEST things that I’ve done for both myself (and my family), EVER 🙂 It so beats the pile of photos and boxes of memorabilia that I have for previous years, one day I will catch up and pull them all into books too, but that will have to wait………or will it!

2013 Week1 page 2

“No story lives unless someone wants to listen. The stories we love best do live in us forever, so whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” – Jo Rowling couldn’t have said it better!

LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE – enjoying and recording the everyday moments of life.


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