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Week One

I thought it was about time I started sharing my Project Life layouts for 2013, I will post them over the next week or so to get up to date  then plan to post my two page layout on the same day each week (they are all done, just thought I would spread the posting of them to save on an overload here!). I’m using the Clementine Kit as the foundation of my 2013 Project Life book this year, but I’ll be using cards from other kits as well as  other bits that interest me that I find on the web or design myself. I just love the colours of this kit!

The first week of January was so hectic for us as a family as we had major renovations starting on our house on 7th, so needed to pack up and move out, including dis-mantling the kitchen and family bathroom all ready for being re-wired and plumbed! The kids were lucky though as they had a couple of days off and spent some time with my parents before they headed off on a month long cruise, my parents that is, not the kids!!!!. We did though manage one family day out with my sister and her husband to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour of the Harry Potter set in London (it took up the whole of the second page of week one, which I will post tomorrow). All I can say is I slept well each night  this week and my muscles ached in places they do not usually by the end of the week…………….tired was an understatement!!!!

I have set myself several goals this year in relation to Project Life. The first one is to take more selfies and include me in the shots with my kids as we do so may things together but, I am always the one behind the camera 😮 I am sure my kids will love to have shots of me included in the pages, as it is for them that I started this Project Life journey. The second goal I have set myself is to learn how to create my own full kits as I have several ideas but need to learn how to create them digitally, so watch this space as I will post as I learn.

LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE – enjoying and recording the everyday moments of life.


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