Which one to Choose?

Looking cool (but I wish I had tucked my shirt in!)

Girls are best

The Oh seat!

It was National Book week yesterday (7th March 2013) and whilst in town getting a birthday card and present for my sister we took a detour to the local library to get a couple of books out. I am so lucky that both my two are great readers and love to pick up a book, although their choice of books are so different. E prefers fiction, her current favourite read is the Harry Potter Series, which so far she has read 4 times! W though has a preference for non fiction, especially books on football (soccer, if you are reading this in the US) either that or encyclopedias!!!!!!!!

W chose a book from the Foul Football series and E chose two, one of which was called “Girls are Best”, she loved the title and the blurb at the back mentioned girl gladiators and she was hooked.

Book Week though was celebrated last week at their school, with lots of activities all week and it culminated with Friday being Book Character Dress up day.  W decided that he would dress up as William from the Just William series, he even cheekily asked his teacher if he could behave like him! She retorted quite quickly apparently with “only if you like warnings and detentions!!!”. E went as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz which she loved, especially as it gave her the chance to wear her shiny red shoes.

Just William

Off to see the Wizard

LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE – enjoying and recording the everyday moments of life.


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