Finding Squares

I am currently doing a project with a wonderful group of Photography friends who I first met on the Open University T189 course in May 2009. We are working our way through Picture Perfect Practice by  Roberto Valenzuela. We are all pretty competent at taking shots now and know what works and what does not, each of us can shoot in manual and have a reasonable understanding of photo editing (although I for one still feel I have much to learn). We did though feel like we needed a challenge to try and bring energy back to our work as we all felt a little uninspired at the moment (I guess it may also have something to do with the miserable Winter we have had……..roll on Springtime).

We have luckily kept in contact since then, mainly on Flickr and Facebook. I have since met two of these online friends in person a few times and hope to meet the others some day too. It is amazing how big a small country like the UK can be when you each have busy lives and family, north and south meetups are quite problematic.

Well the first chapter is all about geometric shapes and the first exercise was to go out shooting and find shapes, the first task was to find squares. Below is what I came up with, some better than others, but I now have a few places I plan to revisit for a photo shoot one day soon 🙂

Stairway to the square

Room with a view

In the shadows

All the squares (and an unintentional selfie!)

Four squares

All a bouy

In need of repair

Built in

Party Wall 1937

Have you ever followed the exercises in a photography book that you have found helpful in building up you skills, if you have what was it and how did you find it?  I am forever on the lookout for my next challenge so would be really interested to know 🙂

LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE – enjoying and recording the everyday moments of life.


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